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Emma. 18. Adelaide.

Anonymous said: sooo did that photography place ever get back to you? or was it a lie?

Never got a reply~ 

HAHA. Not surprising tho.
Didn’t think I was good enough anyway haha. 

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Anonymous said: I love you. You are beautiful. You are worth more than all of the world! Never give up on pursuing your dreams and talents. Xx

This is so sweet!
Thank-you! xx 

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Anonymous said: Don't try and be smart you piece of shit. It's hard to believe anyone would want to be with you. Going by your pictures you're fairly fucking ugly and you probably have a personality to match. You're not going to last long in a relationship, so you should probably just give up on that... and on life.

Anon strikes again!
I wish I was as cool as you. 

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Anonymous said: alright i will, please don't publish it. :c

I won’t :))

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Anonymous said: That i did xD as much as you think you might want me to come off anon, you won't want me to. .-. i'm sorry. :c

This is saddening. :(
I really don’t care who you are.
Do it for the butterflies~  

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Anonymous said: Ohhhh awkward, i was thinking you didn't, then i was like, nah no way can she know a person named hannah xD hahahaha oooooohhhhhh you don't want that trust me :/

You thought wrong, buddddy.

And nah, I do. Pls.
On mah knees.

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Anonymous said: You honestly cannot think of a person off the top of your head named Hannah, other than hannah Montana xD hahahaha

I can actually, since I know someone named Hannah. ><

But oi, anon.
You should totally not be anon anymore~ 

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Anonymous said: I saw Hannah and thought of Hannah Montana... xD hahaha don't judge. hehe



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Anonymous said: Your boyfriend doesn't even fucking love you. You're just a fat pathetic piece of shit who doesn't even deserve a 6ft deep grave on this planet. Save the world from having to see your face and go fucking kill yourself.

Aw, this is the cutest thing I have ever read. 
Although, about that pathetic part… You’re on anon.
So I think you might want to rethink just who the pathetic one is. 

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Anonymous said: omg :D i have never known a girl to like them also. :D i love you hahah they're amazing. :3

I read ‘hahaha’ as ‘Hannah’ and I was like who the fuck is Hannah… MY BAD.

Anywho, but hey! You’ve met a girl who likes them  c:

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Anonymous said: Hey, i know you like Rammstein, you seem like the kind of chick who'd like Amon Amarth, if not i urge you to check them out, they're pretty amazing. :3

I love Amon Amarth c: 

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Anonymous said: You seem cool n.n what upcoming concerts are you going to? :D xxx

Currently, only Parkway Drive in like, 16 days. c: 

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Anonymous said: I still miss you, i can't get you out of my head. :(

I don’t even know who this is :(

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